Tour itinerary
Since winter 2022, a campaign has been underway to renovate the visitor itinerary. This renovation will gradually follow the itinerary of the tour and will take you through 7 different stages.

1. Your immersion in history starts with a 6-minute video. As if you were reading a history book, it will take you through the main periods of the Castle’s history.

2. Set off to discover the exceptional architecture of the fortress, starting with an exploration of the Castle’s foundations.

3. Follow the tour outside, to the bastions, ramparts and battlements, in order to understand the many techniques and tricks that made the Castle an impregnable fortress. Discover the camp of a lord preparing for war, and his trebuchets: medieval weapons that you will be able to handle!

4. You will then find yourself at the heart of the assault on the Twin Towers at the end of the Middle Ages.

Galerie Accueil Image 5 Château Fort de Sedan

5. Climb the highest tower of the Castle to see how it “protects” Sedan. Admire the view of the city.

6.  Enter the Princes’ Gallery and witness a historical moment: the wedding of Charlotte de La Marck and Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne on 15 October 1591.

Further on, discover the column room, one of the most beautiful rooms of the Castle.

7.  Visit the museum of the city of Sedan. In this museum complex, you will discover the Principality of Sedan, from its construction to the Battle of Sedan in 1870.

The tour ends with a visit to the souvenir shop, the Princes’ Cave and the Café La Marck, located in the former kitchens of the Castle.