The Castle of Sedan

1000 years of History
at the heart of the largest castle of Europe

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lion château fort

In the very heart of the city, discover the Giant of Sedan

A fortress of 35 000 m² builded almost 600 years ago.


“Luxurious Prince residence and awsome fortress where the gold dishes coincide with artillery. The castle is a guine open book on the history of the fortification, testifying by its grandeur and power within its walls, of the role held by the former princes of Sedan on the political scene within France and Europe.”

Alain Sartelet

Individual visits

Alone, with family or friends, discover our 2 tours!
“1000 years of history”, “Sedan, a Principality”

School visits

Our school packages starts from 20 participants

School formulas are suitable for primary schools and colleges.

Group visits

Our group packages starts from 20 participants

Discover this fortress in the heart of the city of Sedan.

Renting of spaces

Transform your family or professional moments into exceptional moments.
Discover our 4 rooms with a special character.

Hotel, café, boutique restautant

Hotel and Restaurant

Discover the ‘Café Turenne’,
the restaurant ‘La Tour d’Auvergne’,
as well as the Bistro and the Hotel-‘Le Château Fort’


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