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Give dimension to your event!

Transform your family or professional moments into exceptional moments,


It is possible in the various rooms of the Castle put at your disposal.
The Castle of Sedan is also a unique and ideal setting for the organization of seminars and meetings. It proposes 4 rooms of character.
The 35,000 m² of the site are flexible and can offer tailor-made events.
The Castle’s exteriors also allow for sports activities or the organization of “incentives”.

Room rental

La salle des Ducs de Bouillon.

Equipment: Wifi – Area and capacity: 172 m², 30 to 60 people – Cocktail: 120 pers

Salle des Ducs de Bouillon
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Located at the top of the Artillery Tower, created by Robert II of La Marck at the end of the 15th century, it was originally a room with eight gunboats and then reworked during the 16th century to be incorporated into the princely apartments.

It is today named in honor of the families La Marck and Tour d’Auvergne, Princes of Sedan, but also beneficiaries of the title of Ducs de Bouillon.

This room is ideal for small meetings.

La Galerie des Antiques.

Equipment: Wifi – Area and capacity: 244 m², 110 to 200 pers – Cocktail: 200 pers

Galerie des Antiques
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It was customary in the Middle Ages, in all noble families to keep trophies or objects related to great feats of arms. From the middle of the 16th century, the Galerie des Antiques was set up like a museum glorifying the princely family.

Evrard de La Marck, lord founder of the Castle of Sedan, began a collection of armor, weapons and war trophies, a tradition that his successors pursued.

Some of his pieces were even offered by the kings of France. In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the transfer of these collections to Paris. Some are still preserved at the Invalides museum.

This room lends itself perfectly to the reception of a large audience:
weddings, prestigious evenings, congresses, general meetings ..

By renting the Galerie des Antiques, you have the room of the Dukes of Bouillon included

For more information on room rental rates, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

The room « L’Assemblée ».

Equipment: Mineral water, Paper board, Writing set, Sound system, Screen – Area and capacity: 95 m², up to 90 people – Cocktail: 100 pers

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This room is located in the home of the Lieutenant of the King. This building was initially the home of the governor who administered the Region after Sedan’s accession to France in 1642.

This room, part of the Hotel, provides a framework for reflection and productivity, ideal for business meetings.

La Salle des Trésors.

Equipment: Wifi – Area and capacity: 95 m², 20 to 25 people – Cocktail: 25 people

Salle des trésors
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Located under the Galerie des Antiques and giving access to the northern rampart, this room of the mid-sixteenth century is equipped with eight logis home gunboat.

According to the times, these different rooms also served as an arsenal (warehouse of weapons and ammunition).
Today, it is named Hall of Treasures because in the course of the 70s, it sheltered the departmental religious treasure (deposit of objects of sacred arts).

This room is transformed into an intimate place for work meetings, art exhibitions or round tables

For more information on room rental rates, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Outdoor activities

Activités extérieures - Château Fort Sedan

The Castle offers you to rent its exteriors, thus allow sports activities or the organization of “incentives”


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