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Turn your family moments or professionals in exceptional moments ... It is possible in the various rooms of the castle at your disposal.

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The Castel is yours !

Transform your family or professional moments in exceptionnal times..

It is possible in the different rooms of the castle available for you.

The Castle of Sedan is also a unique and ideal for seminars and meetings. It offers 4 full of character. 
The 35,000 m² site are modular and allow to propose events to measure. 
The exterior of the Castle also allow sports or organization "incentive" (rappelling, zip lining, ATV, etc.). 
We cater to special requests by performing 
a proposal tailored to your needs.

Discover our rooms :


The room of the Dukes de Bouillon

Located at the node of the Artillery Tower, created by Robert II of Marck at the end of the 15th century, it was at the beginning a room equipped with eight drain-holes then altered running 16th to be built-in with the princely apartments.

It is today thus named in honour of families Marck and the Tower of Auvergne,
Princes of Sedan, but so profit of the title of Dukes of Bouillon.

This room is ideal for the meetings in small committee.
The medieval meals are organized only in this room.

Equipment : Wifi

Size and Capacity : 172 m², 30 to 60 pax, Cocktail : 120 pax

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The Gallery of the Antiques

It was of habit, in the Middle Ages, in all the noble families to preserve trophies or objects related to great feats of arms. As of the middle of the 16th century, the Gallery of the Antiques was arranged like a museum which glorifies the princely family.

Evrard of Marck, lord founder of the Strong Castle of Sedan, began a collection of armours,
various weapons and trophies of war, tradition which its successors continued.

Some of its parts were even offered by the kings of France. In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the transfer of these collections in Paris. Some are still preserved there at the museum of the Invalids.

This room lends itself perfectly to the reception of a public many :
marriages, evenings prestige, congress, general meetings..

By renting the Gallery of the Antiques, you have the room of the Dukes of Bouillon

Equipment : Wifi

Size and Capacity : 244 m², 110 to 200 pax, Cocktail : 200 pax 

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The Principauté
This room is located in the home of the Lieutenant of the King. This building was initially the home of the gouvernor
who managed the Area after the fastening of Sedan in France in 1642.

This room belonging to the Hotel offers a framework favourable with to the
réflexion and the productivity, ideal for the meetings of companies.

Equipment : Wifi

Size and Capacity : 95 m², Up to 90 pax, Cocktail : 100 pax

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The Room of the Treasury

Located under the Gallery of the Antiques and giving access to the northern rampart, this room of the medium 16th century is equipped with eight home for drain-hole.

According to the times, these various rooms were also used as arsenal (warehouse of weapons and ammunition).
It is today named Salle of the (French) Treasury because during the course of the Seventies, it sheltered the religious departmental treasure (deposit of crowned objets d'art).

This room is transformed into intimate place for work meetings, exposures of art or round tables…

Equipment : Wifi

Size and Capacity : 95 m², 20 to 25 pax, Cocktail : 25 pax

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Salle des Ducs de Bouillon et Galerie des Antiques

  Day of the week
(from 8h00 to 8h00)
Weekend (from friday 14h to monday 08h)
Individual 480 € TTC 1200 € TTC
Professional 384 € TTC 1020 € TTC

Salles des Trésors
  Day of the week
(de 8h00 à 8h00)
Weekend (from friday 14h to monday 08h)
Individual 120 € TTC 264 € TTC
Professional 96 € TTC 216 € TTC

Included in the price: 
- Provision of the empty room 
- Soil Washing 
- Heating whatever the season
The price does not include installation or any equipment.


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